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Hall of Shame

South Lanarkshire Council is a huge institution, with over 4000 people employed by it. But there are a number of individuals, councilors and employees who are responsible for upholding the corporate rule of Scottish Coal in the Douglas Valley. They have the to power to stop new applications and defend communities, but instead they use it to defend the interest of the rich and powerful.

Archie Strang – South Lanarkshire Council Chief Executive
Responsible for the court threats dished out to Douglas Community Council and others, and ultimately responsible for the actions of the people working under him.

Roger Dick – Minerals Enforcement Officer
Ex employee of the coal board, and now supposedly enforcing the planning conditions imposed by the Council on Scottish Coal, as well as upholding the legal agreements. His salary is paid for by Scottish Coal – did someone say “conflict of interest”? Roger’s actions are either calculated to let Scottish Coal get away with murder, or they’re extreme negligence. Either way, Roger helps keep the roads dangerous, the air polluted and allows Scottish Coal to flaunt planning conditions and legal agreements left right and centre. He’s also rude and aggressive at liaison meetings.

Donald Wilkins – Minerals Planning Officer
Although generally quite quiet, he’s complicit in ignoring the contraventions to planning policy of Scottish Coal’s applications and allowing proposals to sail through the planning department when they shouldn’t have even made it past the front door.

Gordon Cameron – Headquarters Manager
Chairs liaison meetings between the community, Council and Scottish Coal. Does everything he can to protect Scottish Coal from the community, whether in meetings or in correspondence. Gets very defensive at suggestions of corruption and conflict of interest, and doesn’t like being called a liar.

Danny Meikle – Councillor for Clydesdale South, Scottish Labor Party, trustee on the Rural Communities Trust
Danny Meikle went from being one of open cast’s biggest opponents to one of Scottish Coal’s main supporters – no one quite knows why. During he time on the Planning Committee he helped see many applications through, including Mainshill. He has been physically and verbally abusive and threatening in public meetings and in his dealings with the people he supposedly represents. In 2005 he was convicted of Racially Aggravated Breach of the Peace, and in 2009 he and his family attacked three Indymedia journalists who turned up at his surgery to ask him some questions. Renowned as being one of the most disliked people in Clydesdale, and he is suspected to have cheated in his election to the Council.

Graham Scot – Chair of the Planning Committee, Councillor for East Kilbride East

Alex McInnes – Councillor for Clydesdale South , Scottish Labor Party

Archie Manson – Councillor for Clydesdale South, SNP

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  1. oats says:

    Glad we are being represented by such happy faces. I wonder how big the smiles are within the rest of the Douglas community?

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