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Traffic assessment reveals massive coal road usage as yet another Scottish Coal lorry overturns on the A70

From Coal Action Scotland: On Wednesday 6th April yet another Scottish Coal lorry transporting some 30 tonnes of coal overturned on the A70 near Glespin, as it headed from one of the Douglas Valley’s open cast coal mines to Killoch Rail Terminal in East Ayrshire. This accident is just one of many that has taken place over the past few years. Scottish Coal’s insistence on sending coal through Douglas and Glespin on the A70 to Killoch, rather than along the route agreed with South Lanarkshire Council to Ravenstruther has been the source of much anger amongst community members. This latest accident, where a lorry came off the A70 on a bend and overturned in a field, confirms the widely held belief in the area that the danger that these HGV’s pose … Read entire article »

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South Lanarkshire Council Stinks! Activists disrupt planning committee decision

From Coal Action Scotland: On Tuesday morning Planning Committee Councillors decided to approve Scottish Resources Groups’s application for Happendon Wood. As they did this, activists set off two stink bombs in the committee room where the councillors were meeting, briefly occupied part of the council HQ roof, and unfurlled a banner saying: South Lanarkshire COALcil – Pushing through Dirty Development” … Read entire article »

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Scottish Coal threatens Council with job cuts – but will they fall for it?

Last week Scottish Coal bosses sprung the news of up to 200 job cuts on their employees, calling a mass meeting of workers at the Broken Cross site in South Lanarkshire. That’s a fifth of their entire workforce in Scotland. Up to 50 employees could lose their jobs in the Douglas Valley with 30 going at Glentaggart as the mine comes to a close. Where the others are to go isn’t clear. One Scottish Coal employee working in the Douglas Valley is reported to have said that they felt this was a case of the company “pointing a pistol at the head of the council” to ensure planning permission for new developments was granted. He continued: “When you look at these proposals, already being talked about with the council, plus those which … Read entire article »

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