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Council admits it has no power of enforcement as Scottish Coal says “sorry”

Last Tuesday’s Mainshill Open Cast Coal Site Community Liaison meeting, held in the Glespin Hall, revealed substantial information on just how negligent South Lanarkshire Council has been in enforcing the planning conditions it imposed on Scottish Coal when it approved an application to mine 1.7 million tonnes of coal from Mainshill Wood. There were also startling revelations around how poorly the council monitors and enforces restoration at Scottish Coal’s sites in the Douglas Valley, such as at Dalquhandy, which is still unrestored after almost a decade after mining operations ceased. Community Liaison meetings have become a focal point for people in the Douglas Valley area to voice their anger at Scottish Coal and South Lanarkshire Council over the impacts that open cast coal mining has on their lives, and for the … Read entire article »

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McDowall does it again – approval recommended for Happendon Wood development

After ignoring 24,000 objectors against the Dovesdale incinerator plans and recommending approval for that application, McDowall has made it two in a row, this time recommending approval for the Happendon/Poniel mixed use development when it goes to planning committee on Tuesday 8th March. Again, this application was widely opposed by local communities, and again big business – this time Scottish Resources Group (Scottish Coal) – has been prioritised ahead of local people. When will these people be held to account for their decisions? If South Lanarkshire Council is “public enemy number 1″, then McDowall must be a close contender for for taking the same title. … Read entire article »

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Revolving door between planning department and Scottish Coal explains new South Lanarkshire minerals plan

South Lanarkshire Council (SLC) have just announced a 6 week consultation on the proposed new minerals plan, setting out areas of recoverable coal that the planning department would accept applications for open cast mines on. Whats the major difference between the new one, and the old one from 2002? As a Douglas resident put it: the “mysterious appearance of gray matter”. The proposed minerals plan highlights great swathes of land in the Douglas Valley, as well as huge new areas in northern South Lanarkshire around Forth, East Kilbride and Larkhall, as having recoverable coal deposits – a massive increase from the previous plan. The new plan is also a number of years early, the Council say that this is because changes to planning legislation mean that it’s time to update it. … Read entire article »

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